5 Weeks Vegan – What You Didn’t Know But Now You Do

Photo by Ella Olsson on Pexels.com

Alright you guys. 5 weeks. It’s been 5 weeks of going vegan. I’ll admit the first couple were vegetarian sometimes as I was just starting to get used to a complete diet change. Man, it’s been interesting. There are a few things I want to talk about that no one tells you before you go vegan.

Your Body Detoxes In Weird Ways


When you go vegan, your body doesn’t really know what to do with itself. For years and years and years I ate meat and dairy like nobody’s business. The first few weeks I had stomach cramps and had worse gas than usual.

I learned that your body got used to awful animal products that make your gut flora foster bad bacteria and cancer causing crap. A bunch of fiberless or low fiber foods. So when you change to plant based which is much higher in fiber, it takes a bit for your insides to adjust and flush out all the bad stuff. My first month has been pretty gassy, crampy, and uncomfortable. But this last week has been so much better! You just have to get through the first 2-4 weeks.


Okay, this might come as a surprise, but I HATE WATER. I can’t really tell you why. I can, however, guarantee that I was partially dehydrated daily for the last 15 years. No joke. Now that I’ve gone vegan, I realized your water consumption is very important. Not just for the obvious life essential reasons, but it helps digestion. I found a compromise.

My wife bought me a Sodastream for Christmas. Now before you jump down my throat, I don’t use any of the flavorings, I just carbonate my water. And that is enough of a difference for me to drink water. Who knew I could love plain sparkling water so much!? The Sodastream bottle holds around 28.5 ounces of water. And I drink 2 of them every day. Before this I drank a glass of water every day or 2. Maybe. Yes, I’m calling myself out here. I was awful.

You Are Hungry All The Time

So because meat has more calories than meat alternatives and plant based meals, you aren’t consuming as much as you were used to calorie wise. I’ve done trial and error meals over and over to try and fix this because for the first 3 weeks, I was ALWAYS hungry. I now double my veggies and add a little more rice or quinoa or whatever I’m using and that usually does the trick. It always looks funny, still, because it looks like I’m eating such a huge amount of food. But I have to remind myself that its all veggies and greens and beans and plant goodness.

Eating Out Takes Preparation

When you’re going out and you know you’ll probably grab a bite to eat, you can’t just play it by ear and choose all willy nilly. Yes, I said willy nilly. Especially if you live in Wisconsin, like me, where the staples are meat, dairy, and beer. I’m sure you can have an easier time in bigger cities like Milwaukee or Madison, but in Green Bay the choices are few and far between.

During these first 5 weeks, when Becca and I wanted to go out to eat, it required research. We would both look up menu’s online, read reviews, and download vegan food apps. We spent a good 30 minutes before we even got in the car to figure out where we were going to eat on our day/night out.

I’m sure after awhile, I’ll know my restaurants and where I can eat and not have to think about it but right now, it still takes preparation.

Also, I just want to say: It’s okay to be the friend that needs a different restaurant and makes the group change. It’s okay to ask for a meal differently. It’s okay to feel like you’re the inconvenience. Don’t give in, don’t say, “Oh, I’ll eat dairy and meat tonight to make it easier.” They’ll get over it. And if they’re true friends and family, they won’t actually care that much.

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